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Since 1983, we have been the official divers responsible for maintaining and changing the moorings, main chains, and dead bodies of the Port Vauban Antibes. We are qualified and experienced experts who guarantee high-quality work to ensure the safety of vessels in the port. We are proud to have been chosen for this crucial role for all these years and we strive to maintain the highest standards.

In 1985, we were also approved and designated by the International Yacht Club of Antibes for the maintenance, study, and creation of moorings for boats ranging from 60 to 170 meters. We have gained considerable experience in this field and are able to provide quality services for the most demanding clients. We are proud of our partnership with the International Yacht Club of Antibes and our role in creating a safe and reliable harbor for vessels.

We offer a wide range of underwater services and works to meet the needs of our clients. We can perform cleaning, inspection, and various interventions on the hulls of vessels over 150 meters, as well as anchor retrieval. We are also capable of maintaining, studying, and creating all types of moorings over 100 tons, for renowned yachts such as Octopus, Carinthia VII, Kogo, Kingdom, Happy Hour, and Eminence. Finally, we are able to perform dredging work, quay destruction, pile pulling, quay belting, and pontoon creation.

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